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Žofín Garden

Something is always going on at Slovanský Island on the Vltava river. It is a green oasis of comfort and excellent gastronomy in the heart of Prague. We spend our summers outside in the beautiful space of our covered outdoor restaurant located between the Žofín Palace and a romantic gazebo. In winter, we offer our guests local, season-driven and Czech cuisine inspired menu in the beautiful space inside the historic Palace. We always bear in mind both the adults and the young ones when it comes to our regular Sunday brunches, theme inspired events or the regular menu. Our children’s corner has become an integral part of the restaurant’s spacious area and is in sync with its relaxed atmosphere.


Žofín Garden is a joy!

Slovanský Island has always been a centre of the Prague social scene and culture. Irrespective of your reason to visit it – a stroll in the park, children’s play date, a concert, ball or another social gathering at the Palace, we will always be happy to welcome you at Žofín Garden. Pop in for a glass of tasty wine from Moravia or treat yourselves to an exotic cocktail. If you get hungry and order something from our grill, you will certainly want to wash it down with a glass of exceptional Czech beer on tap.


Žofín Garden is a joy of being together!

Moms will be able to relax at Žofín Garden after a busy day finished with an afternoon walk pushing the baby stroller around the park, sip on a coffee drink and enjoy one of our desserts. Children will play in a safety of our children’s corner and Dads, after having parked their car up front, taken off their business jacket and setting aside their work worries, will be just a few steps away from a relaxing afternoon with their family. This is how we, at Žofín Garden, enjoy each day.


Žofín Garden is a joy to splurge!

Our chef Filip Vobořil fine-tunes the menu using her best expertise. The traditional Žofín burger, steak from the young bull in smoked chipotle and ginger honey marinara or lamb skewer are some of the traditional tastes of the Žofín Garden’s grill in summer. Children’s menu features such delicacies as bruschetta with chicken breast farmers’ style, grilled chicken breast farmers’ style with butter potatoes or traditional mini schnitzels with French fries. Our fresh fruit milkshakes and smoothies will refresh the young ones and adults alike.


Žofín Garden is a joy of Sunday!

Sleep in on Sundays – do not rush yourselves. When you wake up, we will have everything put together - the famous brunch buffet style buzz with varied entertainment for the young ones will already be in full swing.  Come to have fun on Sundays with your family members and friends. Every Sunday from 11:00 to 15:00

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