Christmas Menu 2017 


1 - 30 December 



Christmas salad made from roasted carrots, pear, dates and honey-ginger vinaigrett / 105 CZK

Farmer’s ham, beetroot salsa with horseradish and dried plums / 125 CZK

Fish soup with butter gnocchi and parsley / 65 CZK

Roasted wine sausage, confit from root vegetable with mustard seeds / 145 CZK

Snails, porcini mushrooms soup / 245 CZK


Main courses

Carp a la blue, warm potatoe salad with dill, anchovy sauce with capers /295 CZK

Fried carp, Vienna salad with onion / 295 CZK

Roasted turkey, apples, plums, millet puree, red cabbage / 295 CZK

Fallow deer shoulder in ´sous-vide´ style, rosehip sauce, chestnut puree, dumplings / 375 CZK

Christmas ´Kuba´ - barley mixture, with garlic and marjoram / 145 CZK




Gingerbread fondant, vanilla creme, punch jelly / 135 CZK

Pumpkin  Creme brulee, biscuit with chestnuts and honey nuts / 115 CZK

Pecan pie, ice-cream from buttermilk / 95 CZK

Christmas cheese ´Stolle´ with almonds, baked apples with clove caramel / 85 CZK

V Zátiší Mlýnec Bellevue Žofín Garden Zátiší Club
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