Terrine of smoked duck, caramelised onions, pickled sweet potatoes, horseradish espuma 149 CZK

 Egg poached at 65° “Kulajda-style”, forest mushroom emulsion, crunchy potato chips, dill pesto 136 CZK

 Escargots, spring onions, young spinach leaves with veal jus scented with Moravian fortified wine 168 CZK

 Grilled Krasolesí cheese, red and yellow beetroot confit, juniper berry syrup, gingerbread mushroom 153 CZK

Roasted Prague ham macerated in crushed mustard seeds and rosemary with homemade jam from dried apricots 126 CZK




Crispy salad of leaf lettuce, grilled chicken breast, anchovies, light lemon mayonnaise, 65° egg  189 CZK

 Spring salad of radishes, marinated fresh cucumber, sweet apples, lime, dill and pickled sheep’s cheese 168 CZK





Baked filet of zander on thyme butter, sautéed mixed vegetables, Riesling sauce and groats with spinach 349 CZK

Rabbit confit in bacon, sautéed cabbage with radishes, baked garlic and potato purée with buckwheat 324 CZK

 Chicken thigh roll, slow-cooked chicken breast, estragon, grilled green asparagus, fennel, mushrooms, rosemary spaetzle 248 CZK

 Roast duck with a honey and black beer glacée, duck confit croquette, red cabbage espuma, potato pancake with filling 286 CZK

 Roast of top blade steak, svíčková sauce with a touch of cream, forest cranberry jelly, small sweet apple bread pies 248 CZK

 Sous vide flank steak, grilled green asparagus, young kohlrabi, Bordelaise sauce, parsnip purée 339 CZK

 Slow-roasted Přeštice pork belly, yellow beetroot confit, buckwheat, mushrooms, spring onion 226 CZK

 Groats risotto with fresh spinach leaves, asparagus from Mělník, radishes 197 CZK




  Kaiserschmarrn with a creamy sweet blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream119 CZK

  Honey millet with fresh strawberries, rhubarb confit, gingerbread cookie and homemade buttermilk ice cream158 CZK

  Chocolate truffle with crushed raspberries, fresh mint leaves, cream of white chocolate and aniseed liqueur from the Krkonoše Mountains169 CZK





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