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Ice pan show

We will stage the special Ice Pan show for your event. During the Ice Pan show, we make delicious ice cream with fresh fruits right in front of your guests.


Impress your guests with All the Senses! Are you wondering how to surprise your business partners or are you looking for a novel way to entertain your clients? Are galas just too boring and predictable for you? We have combined an original visual spectacle, accompanied by thrilling music, with a delicious Czech menu inspired by mysterious Old Prague. You see geysers of colour and the sublime play of light. You hear music and the sounds of several centuries. You touch Old Prague, the Golem and other mysteries. You smell the scents you have always loved. You taste the best of traditional Czech cuisine, prepared according to contemporary gastronomic trends.

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Contact person Nikola Malá Sales manager T +420 605 203 585 E nikola.mala@zatisigroup.cz

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